Toilets and Other Bathroom Fixtures for Elevated Room Updates

While bathroom storage and decor elements may be more fun to pick out, new sanitary and plumbing fixtures will also improve your bathroom. At Rejuvenation, you'll find a wide selection of standing and wall-hung toilets for main baths, guest baths and powder rooms. Matching sinks, bathtubs and hardware essentials are also available to complete your bathroom update.

Standing and Wall-Hung Toilets

In the bathroom collection at Rejuvenation, you'll have a choice between two designs for your bathroom receptacle: standing or wall-hung. The standing models are much easier to install, with a classic look that works well in any bathroom. They typically install on a standard toilet flange, so no renovations are required prior to placement. However, they do take up more space and have more parts to clean, and the seat cannot be adjusted to a different height.

Wall-hung models have a space-saving design that will appeal to anyone with modern minimalist design preferences. The installation process and maintenance requirements are more complex, as the water tank and other components will be concealed in the wall. However, they are easier to clean and can be installed at your preferred height for customized comfort. If you're redesigning a small powder room, the space-saving aspect of these wall-mounted models will also appeal. Be sure to check if your walls are thick enough to accommodate the hidden parts prior to purchasing a wall-hung bathroom receptacle.

These toilets use materials like ultra-gloss porcelain for impressive durability and odor and stain resistance. Most come in classic white, but options with a black porcelain finish are also available for a more modern look. They'll look great with black bathroom hardware, like faucets and towel bars, from one of Rejuvenation's bestselling hardware collections. Some models include a classic flush lever and operate with a single flush system, but most employ a dual flush system to save water. Mounting hardware and assembly instructions are included for all bathroom receptacles.

Polished Looks with New Bath Fixtures

Installing a new standing or wall-hung sanitary fixture is a great first step toward a polished bathroom makeover. At Rejuvenation, you'll find bestselling bathroom essentials to complement your fixture and enhance your room design. Start by browsing for porcelain sinks and bathtubs. Wall-mounted and pedestal sinks are available in classic white and other finishes. If you have a large bathroom, you can also pick up a single or double vanity unit with sinks included for extra counter space and storage space.

When refreshing a full bath, browse for a durable porcelain bathtub to match your porcelain bathroom receptacle. Bathtubs made of durable cast iron with white enamel finishes are also available. Many of the options at Rejuvenation are luxurious soaking tubs with sleek curved lines that look great in modern spaces. For bathrooms with a more traditional vibe, consider clawfoot tubs instead. You can even customize the clawfoot base finish to match other bathroom hardware, like towel rings and faucets.

Shop for toilets at Rejuvenation to update this important bathroom element. Choose from classic, easy-to-install standing models, or pick up a height-adjustable wall-hung model for a more modern minimalist look. Then, browse new sinks, bathtubs and other complementary hardware items to give your main bath, guest bath or powder room a polished finish.