Set the Mood with New Lighting from Rejuvenation

Ensure your home is functional and stylish with the right light. Different lights can affect our energy levels and moods. Brighter lights can help you feel more alert and energized, whereas dimmer, softer lights are more relaxing and calming. It's recommended to use bright lights in the morning and dimmer lights in the evening to mimic our natural circadian rhythms. Design a well-lit home with new lamps and light fixtures from Rejuvenation.

Get Started

Read the following tips on how to best incorporate a variety of lamps and light fixtures into your home:

  • Make a plan. Before making any purchase, first list the uses and activities of each room, like cooking, eating, watching TV, or working. Also, decide if any areas or key features of the room should be highlighted, such as artwork, walls, plants or fireplaces.
  • Layer the light. Use multiple types of light sources from ceiling lights to floor lamps to create a balanced, well-lit space. Use uplights to make smaller rooms feel larger, or consider low-hung pendants to give an illusion of height. Cluster lights together to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Make the light functional. Depending on the tasks undertaken in each room, the lighting should aid, not hinder. Kitchens need more concentrated light. Install track lights or multi-pendant lights over a kitchen island. Add under-cabinet lights beneath a cabinet or shelf for localized light on a work surface. It also doubles as a night light. Task lights work well for reading and writing; you can direct the light as needed .
  • Pick the right light bulb. Light bulbs are essential to any lighting scheme. For brighter rooms, like kitchens, choose bulbs with higher watts. Another factor to consider is color temperature, which ranges from warm to cool or high to low. The higher the temperature, the cooler the color. Light bulbs with lower temperatures have warmer colors, with the lowest temperatures resembling candlelight. Use these bulbs in rooms where you want to create a cozy atmosphere. Higher-temperature bulbs give off cool light, which is whiter and brighter. These bulbs are best used in task lights in the kitchen, office or bathroom.

What Types of Ceiling Lights are Available?

Rejuvenation offers a wide range of light fixtures in different styles and sizes for both indoor and outdoor use. Browse the various options available online today:

  • Chandeliers are light fixtures suspended from the ceiling. They hold multiple bulbs and are most often used for ambient lighting in dining rooms, foyers and bedrooms with ceiling heights greater than 10 feet.
  • Pendant lights are also suspended from the ceiling but hold only a single light bulb. Hang multiple pendant lights in a line over a kitchen island, counter or table for a dramatic look. Similar to chandeliers, pendant lights work best with ceiling heights over 10 feet.
  • Flush mount lights are affixed to the ceiling and shine their light downward. These fixtures work best in closets, hallways and bathrooms, as they blend in with their surroundings. Semi-flush mount fixtures are more decorative and have a center stem that lowers the bulb a few inches from the ceiling. Use flush mount fixtures in rooms with ceilings lower than eight feet. For higher ceilings, consider a semi-flush mount light fixture.
  • Use wall sconces to light up narrow spaces like corridors, hallways and dark corners. They also work well as accent or task lighting. These versatile lights can go just about anywhere. Mount two sconces on either side of a bed to use as reading lights and free up your nightstand. Illuminate your bathroom mirror with a pair of wall lights and give you a clearer view in the morning.

Brighten Your Outdoor Spaces

Take illumination to new heights and spaces. Outdoor spaces need less light than indoor ones. So, before installing any new fixtures, first tour your yard at night. Visualize how you want to use the space, and then tailor your outdoor lights to match. Some common types of outdoor light fixtures include:

  • Porch lights light up the entryway, including any steps and a nearby path leading to the front door. Usually mounted on at least one side of the door, these lights provide a downward light that keeps the glare off the eyes while allowing enough light to see your keys.
  • Outdoor wall lights can be affixed to any exterior wall to light pathways, patios or driveways. For any covered areas, like patios and porches, attach outdoor hanging lights to the ceiling. Similar to indoor hanging lights, you can find flush-mounted and pendant lights. Hang a pendant light over an outdoor dining table to create an intimate setting.
  • String lights bring the party outside. These lights can easily be hung between trees, along a fence, or even on a wall to create a magical and festive look. Join multiple strings together to cover a larger area.
  • Outdoor ceiling fans are a great way to keep a covered space well-lit and well-ventilated. Perfect for backyard barbecues and garden parties, an outdoor ceiling fan will keep your guests cool in summer, while the central light will let you keep the party going long into the night.

Make It Fashionable

Rejuvenation offers customizable lighting so you can be sure to get the exact size, shape and finish that you're looking for when furnishing your home. An easy way to change the look of a room is to swap the silhouette, such as trading a metal shade for a glass globe or swap a cone for a dome. Create a polished look by matching the finish of a porch light with the hardware of the door, or a floor lamp with a ceiling fan.

Explore new styles featuring shiny metal and sleek lines. If your taste runs more traditional, consider an industrial-style lamp with an exposed Edison bulb or add vintage charm with candelabras and lamp posts. Whatever your style, Rejuvenation has the pieces you need to illuminate your daily life.